WIOA State Compliance Policies


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Section 1 Adult / Dislocated Worker Service Directory

1.0 Membership of Local Workforce Development Boards (Rev. 07/19)1.1 Identification of Regions, Designation of Local Workforce Development Areas, Appointment and Certification of the Local Workforce Development Board and Appeals Process (Rev. 7/19)1.2 Local Workforce Investment Plan (Elements of Plan) (Rev. 01/17)1.3 Criteria Under Which LWDBs may Provide Career and Training Services (Rev. 07/24)1.4 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act One-Stop System (Rev. 03/16/23)1.5 Memorandum of Understanding With Attachments (Rev. 04/16)1.6 Eligibility for Adult & Dislocated Worker Employment & Training Activities (Rev. 04/16)1.7 Priority of Services (Rev. 01/17)1.8 WIOA Adult Programs Design, Career and Training Services (Rev.07/16)1.9 Individual Training Accounts (Rev.03/13)1.10 Coordination of Training Funds with Other Financial Assistance Programs (Rev. 07/23)1.11 Demand Occupations (Rev.07/17)1.12 WIOA Selection of Eligible Training Providers (Rev.03/16/23)1.13 Enforcement of Training Provider Services (Rev. 7/19)1.14 On-the-Job Training and Customized Training (Rev. 04/21)1.15 Supportive Services & Needs-Related Payments (Rev.01/17)1.16 Performance Standards/Incentive Policy (Rev.09/05)1.17 Documenting Veterans Status (04/17)SCP 1.18 Serving Veterans and Priority of Service to Veterans (Rev. 07/23)1.19 Incumbent Worker Training (04/17)1.20 One-Stop Affiliated Site Requirements (7/16)1.21 Work Experience (WEX), Internships, Registered Apprenticeship and Transitional Jobs (01/17)1.22 One-Stop Infrastructure Funding (Rev. 12/17)

Section 2: Youth Service Delivery

1.23 Career Pathways (07/17)2.1 Eligibility for Youth Services (Rev.10/18)2.2 WIOA Youth Program Design (Rev.10/18)2.3 Youth Standing Committee (Rev.07/16)2.4 Youth Formula Funds (Rev.10/16)2.5 Youth- Support Services, Needs Related Payment, Incentive Payments (Rev.01/17)2.6 Youth- Work Experience (WEX)/ Internships, Pre-Apprenticeship, Registered Apprenticeship (RA) and On the Job Training (Rev.01/17)

Section 3: Financial

3.1 Allowable and Disallowed Costs (Rev.04/17)3.2 Audit Process (Rev.09/06)3.3 Carry Forward Funds, Reallocation, Re-allotment and Life of Funds (Rev.01/14)3.4 Cash Management (Rev.07/19)3.5 Contract or Subgrant Closeout (Rev. 07/24)3.6 Cost Limitations (Rev.06/15)3.7 Cost Allocation (Rev.08/05)3.8 Transfer of Funds Between Programs (Rev.07/13)3.9 Procurement (Rev.12/22)3.10 Program Income (Rev 05/24)3.11 Property Management (Rev.03/12)3.12 Recovery of Tuition and Training Refunds (Rev 05/24)3.13 Pre-Award Costs (Rev.02/19)3.15 WIOA Recipients and Sub-Recipients Compensation Costs (Rev. 07/17)

Section 4: Equal Opportunity / Grievance

4.1 Equal Opportunity Provisions of WIOA; Assurances, Equal Opportunity Officer, Notice, Outreach, Monitoring, Data, Compliance, Corrective Actions and Sanctions for Non-Compliance (Rev.02/19)4.2 WIOA Program Provisions as they relate to Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Outreach (Rev.02/19))4.3 Discrimination Grievances/Complaints Procedure (Rev. 10/20)4.4 WIOA Non-Criminal Grievance/Complaint and Hearing (Rev.04/17)4.5_Sexual_Harassment_Grievance_Complaint_Procedures_Rev_Jan_13_20204.6 Conflict of Interest/Nepotism (Rev. 07/19)4.7 Incident Reporting Requirements (Rev. 07/24)

Section 5: Miscellaneous

5.1 Debarment & Suspension (Rev.02/17)5.2 Forms for Reporting Fraud and Abuse (Rev. 07/24)5.3 Restrictions on Lobbying (Rev. 07/23)5.4 Record Requirements (Rev.08/17)5.5 Reports & Instructions (Rev.03/13)5.6 Sanctions and Resolution Process (Rev.01/08)5.7 Oversight, Monitoring, Technical Assistance, Data Element Validation (DEV) and Wagner-Peyser Self Appraisal System (SAS) (Rev. 07/23)5.8 Governor’s Reserve Funding Set Aside for Special Projects (Rev.12/17)5.10 WIOA Title I Paperless/Electronic Participant Records Policy (Rev. 08/23)5.9 State Compliance Policy Creation and Update Procedure (Rev. 10/23)

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